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237 Life Tips (from a guy who’s tried about half of them)

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December 31, 2017

237 Life Tips

from a guy who’s tried about half of them


IMG_0730Several years ago my teenage son said to me, “Dad, most kids in my high school plan to make it big through a reality TV show or something they do on YouTube.” 

What a sad reality, yet one which I suspected to be true.

Regretfully, many people are just “winging it” when it comes to living life. Or worse, they are merely loitering on this planet without giving the first thought to their purpose or mission in life. I’ve been in that place before, just loitering on earth and squandering more years than I’d like to admit.

7f1e3f737a552f355ee59e909204ea10Throughout my journey, I’ve taken some spectacular and unbeaten paths, but also some straight and narrow. I’ve traveled far and wide in these United States and well beyond. I’ve attended nearly a dozen colleges and universities, and thanks to my restlessness, experienced a great number of occupations, including time in both the military and the Peace Corps. That’s pretty restless!

I’ve made brazen life changes on a whim, yet other times I’ve clung to boring routines. Starts and stops, blockbusters and bombs. Needless to say, I’ve learned much from both the highs and lows, as either participant or spectator.

Neuschwanstein Castle2So for this book, I could honestly share more like 14,870 life tips, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. You wouldn’t know where to start.

And yes, many of these life tips I’ve tried. Yet others, while aware of them, I was too dumb, hesitant, or fearful to attempt. Perhaps that should be Life Tip #1, that we generally know in our heart of hearts and brain of brains what we “should” do on this journey of life. It’s the application that is the hard part.

IMG_0350One thing I do know for certain is that if we don’t pay attention, our one shot at this thing called life will pass by with barely a whimper. But if we’re vigilant we can make it one exciting quest. My hope is that my experiences—good and bad—will inspire you to turn your journey from a passing whimper into the grand quest it was meant to be!

If you’d like to provide feedback or share some of your own Life Tips, contact me at:

Stay tuned!

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