The Façade of Happiness

What “Faking our way through life” is about:

Too few of us truly live authentically. We post only the shiny, pretty parts of our lives on social media. We make our lives seem more fulfilling and happier than they really are. Many of us even convince ourselves of a false reality.

Ask yourself:

Do I purchase things, do activities, and even create goals only after first considering if society will approve? Including my career, my clothes, my house, my car, my neighborhood?

Do I enlist my kids in sports and activities just to keep up with the Joneses’ kids?

Do I stay in a job or career that I’m really not passionate about because of the pressure to maintain a certain materialistic lifestyle, one that earns the blessing of social media?

Do I convince myself that I love my current career, because that is so much easier than making the big changes required to pursue my true passions? I did this for many years, convincing myself that I loved my “good career” rather than face the fears and the work involved in pursuing my true passions.

How can we become more authentic and less fake as we navigate our path through life? Let’s look in that mirror…


“Nobody really believes in anything anymore, and everyone spends his life in frenzied work and frenzied play so as not to face the fact of their life having no meaning, not to look into the abyss.” ~ The Closing of the American Mind – Allan Bloom