Unwitting Child Abuse?

This is not new news, really, but interesting to hear coming from an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Timothy Kremchek, who is also the medical director for the Cincinnati Reds, takes parents to task in this article—It’s Child Abuse—about the abuse we subject our kids to in the sports world.

Its Child AbuseHe insists that “our fascination with winning, getting free tuition or going pro is pushing kids in every sport, at every level” is ruining many more kids than actually benefit from those perks. Having raised a ballplayer myself, I’ve seen enough cases that make me wonder who really wants the free tuition and going pro, the kid or the parents?

My kids are out of high school now, but I wonder if this is still a big issue out there. Is it still a growing problem? Are parents getting better about this? What has your experience been?

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