Can You Read This?

“Two-Thirds Of U.S. 4th Graders Are Not Proficient In Reading”

My first thought when seeing that headline was, “What the $#@*& is wrong with our teachers today?” But after reading the article, and after thinking about the issue for more than a tenth of a second, my less reactive thought is to wonder if our teaching methods have lagged behind in comparison with the extremely rapid pace of technology.

What led me to this thinking was the realization that kids know how to alter images, use emojis, and add filters to their iPhone photos, but apparently, they can’t read proficiently.

Something is off here.

Perhaps our overburdened teachers need help in upgrading their teaching methods to better reflect today’s technology. Perhaps we need to learn how to teach the most basic skills using the latest methods.

Anyway, those were my first, then second, thoughts on the topic.

What was your first thought on reading that headline? Click the article link here and see what you think.

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