Life Tip #41

Invest your time into your children’s education.

When it comes to starting your kids on the right path in terms of getting a strong education and being motivated to learn, try this technique:

Stay on your kids’ butts every single day, checking and helping them with their homework. Do this every single day of the school year until they reach about the sixth grade. Then start easing your proverbial foot off the pedal, bit by bit, month by month, semester by semester, but still keeping tabs on them to make sure they are on track and getting the work done to their best abilities.

By the time they reach high school, you will have created “learning machines” who are wholly self-sufficient when it comes to driving and excelling in their own education.

Trust me, it works. My wife and I were two-for-two using this technique. As of the writing of this book, our son has gone on to be a nuclear mechanic in the Navy, and our daughter recently graduated summa cum laude from her high school and is currently enjoying a full-ride academic scholarship at a very good state university. Surely there were other factors contributing to their success, but my wife and I will take some bit of credit for helping them establish good study habits.

I know this method sounds like an enormous burden, and it is. But these are your kids we’re talking about. Your job is to raise them up to be productive members of society, and that starts with an education.

There is an added benefit to this strategy. When your kids start getting into the high school topics of trigonometry, calculus, or chemistry, they won’t need your help. Thank goodness for that, because who among us can remember that stuff from twenty-plus years ago?

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