Life Tip #117

Your master plan isn’t going to kick start itself.

Have you ever waited in line for something, like at a concert or sporting event, only to discover that you didn’t need to be waiting in line after all? Or how about this: You are waiting for something to trigger an activity or a process, before you proceed, only to find out later that there was no trigger, that you were supposed to kick-start the process yourself? Yeeaaah.

That’s how life is for many of us. Because we aren’t fully engaged in what we are doing with our life, we’ve been waiting around for something to happen, not realizing that we were the one that needed to get things started. We’ve been waiting for something to kick start our master plan, only to realize years (or decades) later that the master plan wasn’t going to kick start itself.


If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.

~ Jonathan Winters

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