Life Tip #29

The time to pursue your dreams is there, you just have to find it.

I get it. There are bills to pay and mouths to feed. Yet there are probably fifteen to eighteen hours per week that you waste on TV, social media, playing golf, drinking beer, and other pointless endeavors. What if you took that same fifteen to eighteen hours and applied them toward starting, or learning, that new business or career where your passion lies? Within just a year of dedication, hard work, and focus, you would be able to take a huge step toward that new career. A whole new career path in just a year. Voilà!

Impossible? Well, let’s look a little closer. Could you find seven or eight hours on the weekend if you gave up the above, or similar, activities? How much time do you spend lazing around the house doing a lot of nothing on the weekends? How much time do you waste watching sports or sports-related activities? How much time do you waste going out to yet another bar, restaurant, or festival? Do you sleep in late all weekend as well?

The same goes for your weekdays. Could you find eight to ten hours during the week? That’s just one or two hours per workday that you forego wasteful activities—again, watching TV or scrolling through social media—in exchange for time applied toward something of value.

Do this, and you could have as many as eighteen hours per week to apply toward a new project or career path. You cannot convince me that by applying eighteen hours every week toward a new enterprise, you wouldn’t be able to launch into that new career direction within one year.

I know because I’ve done it…twice, actually.

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