Life Tip #100

After reading this scary article from the past week “Recall of Blood Pressure Drug Losartan Expanded,” I could only shake my head because I wrote about how this same exact topic affected me personally. Check out Life Tip #100 of my book, Busy Being Borne below to hear why I firmly believe that no one will ever care more about your well-being than you.

Life Tip #100: No one will ever care more about your well-being than you.

I recently visited a general physician for an annual checkup. It was my first visit ever to this doctor, an important tidbit to know for this Life Tip. As is the usual routine, a nurse weighed me and took my blood pressure upon arrival.

My blood pressure was somewhat high. Not entirely shocking to me, since I am a bit of a spaz, and I sometimes drink too much coffee. In fact, I had just come from a Starbucks before going to this particular appointment, where I had consumed two or three medium-sized black coffees. As you may know, Starbucks is known for the high caffeine content of its coffee.

Well, this doctor—whom I had never met before and who therefore knew nothing about me or my medical history—saw the blood pressure reading that the nurse took and wanted to put me on blood pressure medication, no questions asked.

At first, I didn’t think much of it. The doc prescribed me a low-dose heart pill for hypertension. But the more I thought about it, I just felt that this could not have been my normal blood pressure, because I knew I was living a very healthy lifestyle at the time. I had been walking nearly three miles per day, and I had been eating crazy healthy for the past five months. I had all but cut out sugary drinks, processed food, meat, cheese, eggs, and greasy foods.

So rather than pick up the prescription, for which there was an indefinite timeline, I ordered a home monitoring system to monitor my blood pressure daily. Sure enough, I found that my typical blood pressure was near perfect for a guy my age. That being said, I did appreciate the wake-up call that forced me to admit my coffee intake was a little out of control (see the above Life Tip on addictive behavior). But the fact that this doctor wanted to put me on heart pills so quickly was troubling.

I guess it’s true that some, or many, in the medical community just want to give us a pill and send us on our way. Don’t take a doctor’s initial advice as gospel. Get second opinions and do your own research on matters concerning your health!

I am in no way a medical professional, so do not take my medical advice to the bank. I’m just saying that we should all take more personal responsibility in taking care of ourselves, having a greater awareness about our health, and understanding what exactly our doctors are prescribing us. We’ve become a drug-addicted nation, and the blame lies equally on the medical profession and those of us who blindly accept their advice.


P.S. – If the blood pressure medication story didn’t scare you enough, read this one for even more perspective: Study Suggests Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

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