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Dharma Diet – Post #2

In my previous post (Dharma Diet Post #1) regarding this weight loss journey I’m on, I shared that I had lost 15 pounds in just 3 1/2 weeks. I posted that on Friday, September 13th.

I had a conundrum facing me that coming weekend (September 13-16). I had planned for a getaway reunion with a few old U.S. Air Force buddies long before I started on this unplanned Dharma Diet of mine. Do I risk my diet progress by going on a weekend of binging and partying?

I had already lost 15 pounds, progressing beautifully and smoothly on my new diet. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about how a long weekend of eating out and consuming adult beverages might thwart the progress of my diet. But just as I felt that there was something special going on with this particular diet when I started it, I wasn’t too worried now about the weekend.

I had confidence that I could quickly lose any weight gained from the weekend. I decided to go on the weekend, have fun and enjoy myself, but to try not to overdo it. If I regained any of the weight I’d lost, I would simply “get back on that horse” and press on.

Sure enough, I gained 5 pounds in just that one long weekend. Think about that, one long weekend in a vacation type of setting, and I gained 5 pounds. I was drinking beer, but not excessively, and I only ate out at restaurants for six or seven meals, with no in-between meal snacking, and BOOM, 5 pounds gained.

In this post I just wanted to point this out, so that you can see just what damage we can do to ourselves in a short span of time, whether it be while on vacation, during the holidays, or during any period of excess. And the older we get, the more damaging such times can be.

The happy ending, as I expected, was that I was indeed able to lose that 5 pounds that I had gained. In just one full week, I lost the 5 pounds. I was back on my Dharma Diet. Time to press on…

“Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.”

~ Socrates

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