Life Tip #83

You can’t move forward until you get real with yourself.

One reason that it is so hard for adults to learn and grow is that we refuse to be real with ourselves. We need to admit—fully admit—what is wrong with us. These are probably things we already know deep down but have been hiding from. Admitting and acknowledging them is the key. Once we do that, we can get started really pursuing life.

First, though, there may be a lot we need to unlearn. I am still unlearning a lot. It took a lot of years to develop my bad habits and bad character traits. It’s going to take a while to un-develop them.

No quick fix, no simple prescription, no single self-help book is going to instantly overhaul our life. Growth and change take time and dedication. We may even have to face some pain along the way: physical pain, mental pain, emotional and psychological pain. It can hurt being real with ourselves.

Being real with oneself ain’t for wimps! But being real is the only road to improvement and change.

Post Script: This part is not in my book, but I wanted to add that my own “being real with myself” has taken on even more meaning of late. I recently got real with myself in terms of my eating habits. You see, I had been lying to myself about how good (or bad) the foods were that I was eating. More on this topic in future posts, if not another book. But in short, since getting real with myself regarding my diet, I’ve lost 15 pounds in just the past month and a half. Being honest with oneself can result in all kinds of benefits!


“Ne te quaesiveris extra.” (Do not look outside of yourself.)

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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