25 Pounds in 100 Days

Dharma Diet – Post #6

A quick update on my Dharma Diet. Today is Thanksgiving day, and just two days ago I reached my goal…already. In just 100 days I lost 25 pounds. (I like to think of it as 30 pounds, for if you read my earlier post about having to lose 5 pounds twice thanks to my Air Force buddies…but let’s not split hairs.)

I will say that for the past few weeks, after watching a couple of the documentaries that I mentioned in my October 20 post, I was reminded (and sickened) about consuming so much eggs and cheese, or any for that matter. It got me thinking that eating quiche every single day is NOT a very healthy thing to be doing. So for the past couple of weeks I have been eating on a strictly vegan diet.

Keep On Keeping On

I want to keep pressing on with my Dharma Diet, even though I have already reached my original goal of losing 25 pounds. Sadly, I still have a bit of a bicycle tire around my waist that I want to see if I can make disappear completely. So I am going to try to lose 30 by Christmas. We will see.

At some point I will reach a point where I want to “stop” losing weight. At that point, I think I am going to face the toughest challenge of all, which is to maintain my new weight.

More on that when I get there…

“Be as you wish to seem.”


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