Dharma Diet

Paperback Now Available

Great news! Both versions of Dharma Diet are now available—in paperback and Kindle.

I wrote this little book as a means to share the remarkable success I had last year in finally, finally losing the 25 pounds that I had been trying to shed for over 20 years. When I ultimately stumbled upon the solution, losing the weight was one of the easiest things I had ever accomplished!

And the answer was right in front of me the whole time. Or rather, the answer was “inside of me” the whole time.

Like just about anyone else who struggles in discovering a solution to dieting and weight loss, I was searching for answers “out there” somewhere. I was searching for answers in a gym membership, in a fad diet, in the latest gadget or piece of workout equipment. I was searching for a quick and easy solution. I was looking everywhere but where I really needed to look, which was inward.

Once I did that, I was a whole new me, a “me” that was the skinny, fit guy from decades ago. Yes, I realized that I still am the fit, young body that got trapped in a fat guy suit because he had forgotten who he really was. But now I’ve rediscovered myself, and in that rediscovery, a guy weighing 30 pounds less reappeared in the mirror (soon to be 35 pounds).

Check out Dharma Diet for yourself if you have been struggling like I had been. The content and ideas in the book can fit nicely with whatever other exercise or diet plan you may currently be on.

“We must cultivate our garden”


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