Obvious Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Among other changes I’ve made over the past six months, moving to a primarily plant-based diet has resulted in a number of positive changes that I am absolutely thrilled about. To help me lose, as of this writing, 35 pounds (20% of my total weight), I have cut almost entirely from my diet anything dairy, and “almost” all eggs and meat. The beauty of my personal diet is that I allow myself small amounts of eggs, meat, and dairy—primarily to prevent myself from going stark-raving mad!

For the most part, I am eating strictly plant-based foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes. The only “grain” I eat regularly is quinoa. The health benefits have proven themselves out in obvious ways.

Shown here are the medically proven benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, all of which are of vast importance. The latest research seems to be proving this out, as more and more experts are advocating plant-based diets as the best route to healthy living. I am even starting to see “Keto” advocates finally come around to this point of view.

The benefits that I have experienced personally include the following:

  • I have lost more weight than I thought was conceivable (35 lbs in 6 months, or a full 20% of my weight).
  • My fat face is gone (which I didn’t even realize I had until I lost it; that was the first fat to go).
  • I “had” to buy a lot of new clothes: my pants waist has gone from 34″ to 30″. When shopping for button-down shirts, I went from “Large” straight to “Small,” skipping right past the mediums.
  • I experience uninterrupted sleep every night (6 hours). Nor do I snore anymore.
  • I have more energy during my days, not feeling so lethargic and needing several “power naps” during the day.
  • I have more confidence because I know that I look healthier.
  • My recovery time from workouts is nearly nonexistent. I never feel sore the next day after a workout. As a 53-year old, when I did yard work like raking leaves, I would be sore for a full two days afterward. Not anymore. The very next morning I feel perfectly fine.
  • I get real, sincere satisfaction every time I eat my fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds because I know that my body is thanking me every time I do so.

Now, let’s be clear, I did a lot of other things that allowed me to lose 35 lbs in six months, including a lot of walking and other exercise, drinking lots of water, and giving up alcohol almost entirely.

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But the specific health benefits listed above have come from my plant-based diet. Check out my little book, Dharma Diet, if you are interested in the full details. Or just ask me.

Trust me, the plant-based diet is the real deal, and you can even cheat a little if you still need a little meat, dairy, or eggs, and still improve your health greatly. 😉

“Thou shouldst eat to live, not live to eat.”


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