Quarantine Crossroads: Tip #28

How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Scarcity

This Coronavirus pandemic has hit us in ways we never imagined possible in today’s modern world, making us rethink what life is supposed to be all about. While countless suffer in heartbreaking ways, many of us would benefit by using this time to reevaluate our lives. For is it not life’s grand events that serve as the catalyst for major change?

I cannot think of a better time to reexamine our lives than this current quarantine predicament. Instead of worrying and feeling sorry for ourselves, what a great opportunity for reflection…and change. It seems we have all hit a crossroads in our life at the exact same time. What a wonderful launching point for some of the big life changes that we’ve known for years we need to make.

In that spirit, I share some of the most applicable Life Tips from my first book. I truly hope these tips will provoke you to change.

Life Tip #28: Your employer doesn’t want you to pursue your dreams.

Thaaaat’s right, your employer doesn’t want you to strike out on your own to chase your dreams, because that means they will lose your skills and experience, and then have to hire and train a whole new employee. Nor do they don’t want word to get around that such a thing is possible…chasing one’s dreams. Shhh! Your employer wants to keep you just satisfied enough that you get comfortable and continue to settle. They want the rationale for staying put (benefits, flexibility, “growth potential”) to be just strong enough for you to, well, stay put.

Step back and ask yourself, Is this what I wanted to be doing when I was growing up? Working a dead-end, boring job? If the answer is No, then you need to get busy conspiring to get out of that rut and begin chasing something more meaningful.

We all have a choice, make a living or design a life.

jim rohn

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