Quarantine Crossroads: Tip #53

How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Scarcity

This Coronavirus pandemic has hit us in ways we never imagined possible in today’s modern world, making us rethink what life is supposed to be all about. While countless suffer in heartbreaking ways, many of us would benefit by using this time to reevaluate our lives. For is it not life’s grand events that serve as the catalyst for major change?

I cannot think of a better time to reexamine our lives than this current quarantine predicament. Instead of worrying and feeling sorry for ourselves, what a great opportunity for reflection…and change. It seems we have all hit a crossroads in our life at the exact same time. What a wonderful launching point for some of the big life changes that we’ve known for years we need to make.

In that spirit, I share some of the most applicable Life Tips from my first book. I truly hope these tips will provoke you to change.

Life Tip #53: Understand what you claim to believe.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic and never gave the least thought to other faiths. In fact, to do so was considered taboo. I never even entertained the thought other faiths, at least not until I met my wife, who is a nondenominational Christian. When we first met, she peppered me with lots of questions about the Catholic faith and about the Bible in general. Sadly, for many of her questions, I had no answers. Our discussions revealed that I knew little about the book that I proclaimed to follow. And I could not provide logical answers to why my religion does the things it does or believes the things it believes. Needless to say, she exposed some very basic flaws in my religion and in how I adhered to it. Our talks made me realize that I finally had to wake up and learn about the things I professed to believe in.

Think about that. I had followed blindly along in a faith and religion that I never examined very closely…for twenty-five years. Sad.

The point here is not to bash the Catholic faith or any other faith for that matter. The Life Tip is to urge you not to go blindly along with the religion you were raised in, or the religion of your spouse. Do some serious soul searching and researching before you decide where faith and religion fit in your worldview.

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