Life Tip #35

Avoid the career of least resistance. Go for greatness! Never stop short of striving for greatness. Your career will likely consume upwards of ten hours a day, five days a week, for more than 30-40 years of your life, so strive for something you truly love. If you settle for the job or career of … Continue reading Life Tip #35

Life Tip #30

By taking charge of your own learning, you will discover a world of information that never makes it into the school textbooks, or into the newsroom broadcast, or even onto mainstream websites. For example, it took me to join the Peace Corps and live in Paraguay, South America, to learn about a major war where … Continue reading Life Tip #30

Life Tip #11

A New York Times story from 2006 described how Asian women were endangering their health with illegal creams. A survey in the story showed that four of every ten women in major Asian countries (Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Taiwan) use various skin-whitening creams. The story piqued my interest because I had … Continue reading Life Tip #11

Life Tip #4

Our lives don’t have to go like this: Step 1: Survive youth and high school Step 2: Get a college degree, and/or… Step 3: Get a job that turns into a career that we are not passionate about Step 4: Get married, have kids, get a house and lots of other stuff Step 5: After … Continue reading Life Tip #4

Life Tip #169

I am sure you have heard the “boiling frog” fable. If not, it is a brief fable that can be applied to many areas of our life. The fable tells us that if you try to throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will quickly jump out to avoid being boiled alive. … Continue reading Life Tip #169

Life Tip #156

How we live our life is a choice. We may have been dealt a bad hand, but we still have a choice as to how we play the hand we were dealt. I was dealt a pretty good hand in that I could have gone straight from high school into the family business. If I … Continue reading Life Tip #156

Life Tip #149

“You kids don’t know how good you have it!” This is one of the lamest thing we say, but it is still funny, and true. There really is a lot of truth to the “how bad it was when I was your age” advice, in relative terms. This Life Tip could be its own book. … Continue reading Life Tip #149

Life Tip #142

When I was younger, my friends and I went through a phase when we would say about anything and everything, “It’s all relative.” We thought we were being so clever and funny. Yet in reality, there is complete truth in that statement. Everything is relative. Things we think are awesome and wonderful are awesome and … Continue reading Life Tip #142

 Life Tip #134

Avoid anything that comes with the appearance of being a financial quick fix. My wife and I, when we were a very young couple, were more than a little tempted with various schemes, including the selling of health supplements or peddling medical billing services. Thankfully, we turned these schemes down before it was too late. … Continue reading  Life Tip #134

Life Tip #103

If you are like me, you have lived—or currently live—in a community where everybody not only looks pretty much the same, but also falls into the same economic and cultural categories. This is the natural ways neighborhoods and communities are built up. I would say that while it may be the natural order of things, … Continue reading Life Tip #103

Life Tip #37

Your employer doesn’t want you to pursue your dreams. There, I said it. Your employer doesn’t want you to strike out on your own to chase your dreams, because that means they will A.) Lose your skills and experience, and B.) Have to hire and train a whole new employee. (And they don’t want word … Continue reading Life Tip #37

Question Everything

How many of us have ever had a "Truman Show" moment? If you've seen the movie The Truman Show, which stars Jim Carrey,  you'll recall the end of the movie, when Truman discovers that all his life has been a façade. It was a very powerful scene, where most of the TV show viewers were … Continue reading Question Everything

Life Tip #271

The American Idiot: This next Life Tip is for anyone who might find themselves in the position of the “American Idiot.” I own the rare distinction of experiencing my two most embarrassing moments within the same 24-hour period. They both happened in Europe. I guess our most embarrassing moments are more likely to occur when … Continue reading Life Tip #271

Life Tip #129

In many of his books, but most notably in his “The Americans” series, historian Daniel Boorstin chronicles some of the famous and not-so-famous risk takers that helped to build up our country. I especially love this passage from Boorstin’s The Americans: The National Experience: “The American millions were thinly diffused and rapidly moving. In Europe, … Continue reading Life Tip #129

Life Tip #118

When I was a young adult I used to look forward to insightful and inspirational columns by a Catholic priest, Father Lou Guntzelman, in the county’s weekly newspaper. In one column “Father Lou” challenged readers by asking what the point is of adding years to our lives if those years are as empty as the … Continue reading Life Tip #118

Life Tip #106

What is your life’s passion? For me, I have always been fascinated in learning how and why individuals, people, societies, and nations behave the way they do. So I have spent my life observing why people think and do the things they think and do. This is why I loved majoring in Economics for my … Continue reading Life Tip #106

Life Tip #263

Travel to places and have adventures that are both unique and awe-inspiring. This should include adventures that are a little kooky and off the beaten path. That’s where we really learn about ourselves, by experiencing very different scenarios than we are accustomed to. That’s when we learn how different parts of the world function, how … Continue reading Life Tip #263

Life Tip #93

This Life Tip is more or less a shout out to a guy you simply must check out if you ever need a “kick in the pants” version of motivation on self-sufficiency. Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the many people whose YouTube videos and podcasts I listen to on my pre-dawn walks. He’s a social … Continue reading Life Tip #93

Life Tip #80

While it still feels strange for me to say this, I now believe that going to college right after high school (if at all) is not the best option for everyone. It wasn’t for me, it wasn’t for my son, it isn’t for many people. Today’s young people just need to look up from their … Continue reading Life Tip #80

Life Tip #189

Write your own script. Don’t let others, or circumstances, or your past set the agenda for your future. Don’t let your mom, or your dad, a friend, or a sibling write it for you. Don’t even let your significant other write it for you (although I strongly suggest that you include your significant other in … Continue reading Life Tip #189